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Hitachi and Air-conditioning and refrigerator Group Markets an extensive range of commercial and industrial air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment using some of the World and most advanced technologies.

Hitachi and series of the air-conditioners makes use of new refrigerant that contains no ozone-layer depending materials. In addition, they have a cycle-heading de humidification system which allows the user of the air-conditioner to experience freshness that comes from being able to keep the level of humidity low even as the temperature of the room increases. When considering the need to switch between cooling and heating due to changes in seasons, differences in room temperature, and the need to cool offices all year round, arising from widespread use of computer and terminal devices, heat recovery operations are a precondition for air-conditioning system in buildings, to meet such needs, Hitachi developed a new multi-split air-condition system called and Set-FREE FSXN and which supports heat recovery operation. With an expanded lineup, enhanced efficiency, reduced dimensions and improved work ability, SET-FREE FSN offers super energy-saving efficiency and better comfort.

In the area of air-conditions and refrigerators much like others products, Hitachi carefully takes into account what consumers ant applies that knowledge directly to the products they develop. It has always been a Hitachi tradition to apply similar innovation to as many of the company and consumer electronics products as possible. Abontika HVAC Engineering is proud to uniquely serve the market of the country with the amazing offered by Hitachi.






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